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I wrote my first personal page in HTML when I was still a graduate student. While I am fairly proficient at HTML, CSS, and JS, I have longed for a simpler solution.

Hexo seems like a great choice for someone like me. I write in markdown, and Hexo assembles the pages, tags, categories, etc. I like its layout, and reponsiveness. It compiles to a set of static pages, so I don’t need a dedicated server for it, Github pages works fine. (It’s also indexed easier by search engines, and serves up a lot quicker.) I’m excited about using Hexo to write about topics that I wouldn’t have otherwise, e.g., a guide to travel-hacking.

Over time, I will migrate my notes on teaching, research, EPI, Disc, etc. over
to Hexo. In the mean time you can view my UT page.

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